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Northwest Fishing Report’s (NWFR) mission is to support sport fishing success in the northwest through 100% free Education, Entertainment, and Engagement.

Since being founded in 1997 by Mike Carey, NWFR has been the leading online resource for fishing reports and area information. Today, NWFR is more committed than ever to enhancing sport fishing in the northwest by providing anglers of all levels with the information tools for fishing success. This is accomplished online, on TV, and at various events across the northwest.

At the core of NWFR is, your living, ever-changing online fishing resource and repository of angling information for the Pacific Northwest. NWFRTV provides video content of a plethora of fishing topics relevant to northwest anglers. Many of these videos are filmed with top experts, on their home waters, sharing the latest in tips, tactics, and area information to help you catch more fish. NWFRTV is broadcast on local television stations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, B.C. and Alberta.

Anyone can participate in the NWFR community through the website by posting reports, commenting, or joining the dialog in the forum or on our social media sites if the “family friendly, courteous, respectful” guidelines are followed. provides a deep and dynamic online tool to improve your angling skills and success. You’ll find bathymetric maps, hotspots with GPS coordinates, historical data reports, and tens of thousands of reports dating back many years. These reports, sent from our anglers, provide a vast knowledge base from which you can do research and discover new fisheries.

Angling success is paramount to the growth of the sport we cherish. By enriching the angling experience through successful outings, we safeguard the resources and will for future sport fishing opportunities.



Mike is the original founder of WashingtonLakes which evolved into Northwest Fishing Reports. He hails from Wisconsin where he grew up chasing bullhead, pike, and carp. He moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1989 and pursued a career as a registered nurse. Fishing and the outdoors has always been his passion. “When I’m outdoors all the stress and worries in my life fade away. I am home doing what I love to do. I return to responsibilities rejuvenated. I can hardly wait for my next adventure!”.



Rob joined the Northwest Fishing Report team in late 2012 and currently lives in the Spokane area of Washington State. His love of fishing started on the waters of the Puget Sound in the 80's as a young man, and continues today as he fishes across the multi-state region. While he loves any good fishing opportunity, he really gets excited fishing saltwater for bright salmon, and tasty bottom dwellers. Rob loves to share the excitement of sport fishing with his friends, family, and all those who love sport fishing.



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